Online Therapy Portal

A new approach to online psychological care

The new Moving Minds platform brings our award-winning clinical excellence online, offering a convenient and clinically effective route to psychological treatment in a patient’s home or workplace.

Beyond Online CBT

Until now there have only been very limited options available for online therapy. Computer-led online CBT, while effective for low-intensity treatment, has up to now not been suitable for delivering services to patients with more significant difficulties. Furthermore, studies have shown that traditional computer-led online CBT has an attrition rate of up to 75%. Attempts to connect real therapists with patients online have also tended to be limited to text chat, and online conferencing options have emphasised technology over an integrated clinical approach.

Moving Minds’ unique approach is to bring the full experience of face-to-face psychological therapy online using in-browser video conferencing while retaining the self-help features of traditional online CBT. Included are self-help resources, CBT and Mindfulness courses, a diary, visible progress tracking and peer support groups. It has been designed with an intuitive user interface that can be easily navigated by non-technical users, and patients are guided through with a tutorial at the outset and further help whenever they need it.

As a result, CBT and EMDR can be offered at a significantly reduced cost compared with traditional face to face therapy. This solution also offers choice, convenience, and a sense of control for the patient: they can book their appointments, fill in their diary, read their treatment updates, or access self-help groups whenever and wherever it suits them.

All the standard Moving Minds products are now available online, including CBT and EMDR treatment with BABCP therapists or psychologists, and counselling and COPE with our Counsellors and Psychological Case Coordinators. We are also able to offer simpler self-help packages utilising our wellbeing resources and clinician support through Groups.

Online Appointments

Treatment sessions can take place over video, audio or live chat, switchable during the session depending on patient preference - some may feel too anxious for video sessions and prefer audio or text chat.

During the session the patient’s treatment goals and progress are displayed underneath the video window, aiding treatment focus, and psychometrics can be entered with clinician guidance.

Our portal is also the first online psychological care platform to offer EMDR treatment over the internet using eye movements through the client’s phone or tablet.

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Appointment Booking

Once authorisation for treatment has been received, patients receive credits for the selected amount of sessions that have been authorised.

Sessions can then be booked at their convenience with their assigned clinician at a time that suits them.


The platform provides patients with visual and text-based tools to track their mood. This includes a diary which can accept text entries, drawings, and images.

Mood scores are recorded using a combination of emojis, text descriptions, and numerical scores to suit whatever medium the patient feels most comfortable with. Both mood scores and psychometrics are graphed over time and displayed on a simple graph so that patients can better understand their progress.

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Wellbeing Resources

Patients are provided with a wealth of wellbeing resources including self-help and informational leaflets, audio recordings and courses. Also available are our CBT and Mindfulness programmes which can be followed with the help of a Moving Minds clinician as well as a Chronic Pain programme.

Progress Tracking

A key aspect of the portal is that at every stage of treatment the patient’s progress is made available to them in a range of easy to understand formats.

Mood scores and diary entries can be entered by the patient and can be viewed by the clinician before sessions. Goals of treatment and session homework summaries, written by the clinician, as well as records of progress to date, are available to view at any time. A written record of their journey back to health provides a powerful source of resilience building and reinforcement.

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If deemed clinically appropriate, patients are assigned to a peer support group. Patients are assigned to specific groups based on the difficulties they are experiencing.

Groups are available 24/7 and are monitored by Moving Minds clinicians, who also participate with help and support. Further automated monitoring takes place in the background ensuring that the correct amount of clinical support is available based on utilisation and that groups are not over- or under-utilised.

Groups provide both peer support and universalises a patient’s problems - social support is of critical importance to helping clients with common psychological difficulties.

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