Acts of kindness can go a long way

Acts of kindness can go a long way

Police have recently released footage of the moment a jogger appeared to push a woman in front of a bus on Putney Bridge, causing her to fall on the road. An approaching bus swerved and missed her, saving her life. The woman involved was still trying to recover around 15 minutes later when the same jogger returned to the bridge. She tried to speak to him but he did not respond and kept jogging.

It is difficult to imagine being in a situation like that.  But on the other hand, the bus driver reacted promptly to swerve and stopped the bus. Passengers on board also rushed to assist the victim.   It is this kind of behaviour that makes us realise how many good people there are in the world.

While we all seem to be preoccupied with our everyday mundane activities, these kind deeds towards each other remind us of the bond between people.  We can all pay kindness forward and make each day a little brighter.

Have you encountered any act of kindness today? Share your experience in the box below. 

Dr Manda Holmshaw 


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